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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 133 & 134 - Oh boy...

Not a great weekend health wise. Unfortunately the weekend was all but a writeoff. Saturday began with a trip to the market, which resulted in various fatty foods and snacks. We did get some veggies, but that wasn't exactly the highlight of the trip. We then headed out of town and had a fried chicken feast for dinner. I felt terrible afterwards, I guess I'm just not used to that kind of meal anymore. Sunday began with a pancake breakfast with the entire family. Good times, but not the healthiest start to the day. From there we hit a BBQ festival in Saint John. This was a lot of ribs, wings and pulled pork. Not a lot of veggies on my plate at this event. We got back home late tonight and wrapped up the day with a frozen pizza. Again feeling a bit blah.

So... after tallying it all up, I'm a bit nervious about tomorrow's weigh in. I know I had a pretty good week going last week until the weekend. I'm hoping that I lost enough through the week that my weekend splurge doesn't hurt me too much on the scale. I'm definitely hoping that I don't see a gain tomorrow, however, that wouldn't exactly shock me. Stay tuned. :-(


  1. William, no worries. Do you remember the days when you (and me and so many) would just eat with no concern as to the massive amount of calories? At least now, you are aware. In the course of your life, two fun days with great food won't be a problem.

    Some decent yardwork and a few low-cal days and you will be back on track. That is the difference between your new lifestyle and "failing a diet".

  2. Thanks Clyde... it's nice to hear that other people understand what I'm going through. And you're right, I'm going to get right back on track tomorrow. In the past I would have given up at this point figuring my 'diet' was busted so I might as well give up. But I've been making an effort to ensure that this is a lifestyle change, and not a diet... so I'm right back on board tomorrow.

  3. It may not have been the weekend you were hoping for, but at least you are honest about it. Sure, I read your post and I see a couple of bad choices, but what do I not see? Excuses. You're not deluding yourself and that is part of the challenge.

    You'll bounce back from this :)