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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 127 - Exhausted after all that yard work

Spent a lot of hours in the yard today. Got my first load of topsoil spread... so now it's time to order another :-) Probably 4 hours of heavy work in the yard, so that was probably why I was so hungry and snacky tonight. So, unfortunately my food intake wasn't the best (although it wasn't terrible). It's been a week of ups and downs with some great days and some pretty bad days. I'm looking forward to seeing what the scale has to say tomorrow... fingers crossed. :-)

Here's how today broke down:

- Breakfast borritto (sausage, egg, peppers, etc)
- Orange juice
- Pineapple
- Coffee

- Grilled cheese (X2)
- Diet coke
- Water

Afternoon snack:
- Turkey jerky
- Water

- Cheese Burger (X 1.25)
- Greek salad
- Sweet potato
- Beer
- Coffee

Evening Snack:
- Diet pepsi
- Handful of M&Ms
- Chips (1/2 big bag)

- Several hours of heavy yard work


  1. and yard work.
    all that nontraditional exercise stuff.
    is often a far better workout and a SOREMAKER!
    are your muscles screaming this morning?

  2. It's a new week, so a new start. Hopefully the scale will be forgiving and take into account your hard work :)