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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 125 - Not a great day today

I really didn't have a very good day today. Food was alright until this evening, when we decided to get pizza for dinner. Pizza is like my achilles heel. I've been doing really good at staying away from chocolate and chips over the past 125 days (which used to be a staple for me), but I still struggle with pizza. I just can't say no, and when I have it in front of me I just can't seem to stop eating. Needless to say, I ended up eating a few peices too many. And then we had some trouble getting the kids to bed tonight, so I didn't get out into the yard either, so no workout tonight. Sigh. Oh well, every day can't be a good day I guess.

Oh... and Clyde, the yard work I'm doing is out front of my house. We had a culvert laid last year so this year I graded the ground to promote drainage. Now I'm laying topsoil on top over the culvert and I'm planning to sod before this fall. It's a little over 1000 sq feet, so not a huge job, but it's all being done by hand, so it's a bit of a chore. Oh well, good for a workout :-)

Here's how today broke down:

- Cereal
- Orange juice
- Pineapple
- Coffee

- Smart Ones frozen dinner
- Orange
- Yogurt cup
- Special K mocha bar
- Water

Afternoon snack:
- Apple
- Yogurt cup

- Pizza (5 slices)
- Bread sticks
- Ceasar salad
- Diet coke

Evening Snack:
- Hot chocolate

- None

1 comment:

  1. Good to hear about the work. I am always interested to see the transformations from old to new in yardwork...it is so immediate.

    Slow and steady wins this race. I love pizza too. Hang in there.