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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 144 - OMG... why is it so hot

Another scotcher of a day here today. It was over 40 degrees with the humidex... so the A/C has been running all day. We've been hanging out in the basement trying to stay cool, so needless to say there was no workout again today. My food was pretty good, but we did order some chinese for dinner as nobody wanted to cook. So it wasn't terrible, but it could have been better.

Here's how today broke down:

- Cereal
- Begal with lite cream cheese
- Orange juice
- Coffee

- Ham and cheese sandwich
- Yogurt with berries
- Water

Afternoon snack:
- Banana

- Chinese food (rice, egg roll, chicken balls, spare ribs, chow mein)
- Wonton soup
- Diet coke
- Coffee
- Double chocolate cookie

Evening Snack:
- Water
- Hard candy (X3)

- None

1 comment:

  1. Although it may be too hot, I'm glad that someone still has the summer. It's already getting colder over here.

    Chinese food is one of my weaknesses (one of many!), so I'm more jealous than judgemental :)