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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 234 - OK day, but still under the weather

My food today was pretty good. I had some decent meals and didn't really snack tonight. So it was a pretty good day. Unfortunately, I'm still not feeling great. This cold is hanging on and my throat is pretty sore in the evenings. I've got a cough overnight which tends to keep me up a bit. I'm hoping this will all be over soon... but we're just getting into cold season. I hope it's not like this all winter.

Here's how today broke down:

- Cereal
- Pineapple & cantaloup
- Orange juice
- Coffee

- Smart Ones frozen dinner
- Yogurt cup
- Orange
- Special K mocha bar
- Water

Afternoon snack:
- Apple
- Yogurt cup

- Spaghetti w/ turkey meatballs
- Garlic cheese bread
- Water
- Cinnomin scone
- Coffee

Evening Snack:
- Hot chocolate

- None

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