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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Days 104, 105 & 106 - Slipping back into old habits

This weekend was terrible in terms of weight loss. Unfortunately I've slipped back into some old habits. My eating wasn't very good and I had far too many sweets and snacks this weekend. I've been told that if you can make a change for 3 weeks, it becomes a new habit. Well, if eating better is my new habit, let me tell you it's far too easy to break that habit. I'm sure I can put the 38 pounds I've lost back on within a month or two if I let myself. So I've really got to get my head back on straight and refocus. A whole new week starts tomorrow, so hopefully I can start fresh in the morning and get remotivated. Wish me luck :-)

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  1. William, I follow your blog and have seen some comments from you. I just read your post and also read your intro post. I have a pretty similar experience as you (from childhood to our recent weight loss success) and I want to get back into a good groove.

    Can we challenge/encourage each other this next week? We could blog about it or just e-mail each other. We could end the week with a definite loss. Please let me know what you think.

    By the way, my typical weigh-in is Saturday, but I did not weigh-in due to a few factors (see my blog). So, we could both weigh-in tomorrow???