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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 91 - Moving day... ouch my arms

I didn't end up getting on the treadmill today, but I had the best workout I've ever had. I helped a buddy move today and several of the people that were supposed to help didn't show up. So, what I thought was going to be an hour to and hour and a half of moving turned into 4 - 5 hours. Lifting boxes and furiture in this muggy heat. Definitely not fun. My arms and shoulders are absolutely killing me tonight. I went through several shirts during the move (soaked them through), so I'm going to call it good in terms of exercise today. As far as food goes, it wasn't a bad day. Although, dinner was take out, so definitely no low-cal. I was so hungry at dinner time I wanted more food after I was done my takeout, but I held off as I figured what I had was enough, even though I still wanted more. Perhaps I'm learning a bit of self control :-)

Here's how today broke down:

- Grapefruit
- Cereal
- Orange juice
- Coffee

- Roast beef sandwich
- Water

Afternoon snack:
- Roll
- Cheese quesadilla (1/2)

- Chinese takeout - chicken, pork, noodles
- Ice cream cone (small)
- Water

Evening Snack:
- Hard candies (X2)
- Pudding cup
- Water

- 4 or 5 hours of moving

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