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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 8 - Family has arrived... this could get interesting

Had a pretty good day with food today. The meals weren't the best, but the portions were reasonable and my snacking was kept under control. Also, I got another 1.5 mile walk in today... this time with 6 full minutes of jogging... and I'm feeling great :-)

My sister and brother-in-law arrived tonight... along with a package of donuts (sigh). It's going to be tought to stay on track because I know I won't be eating a different meals then everyone else and I know the meals they will be eating will not be great. I'm just going to have to rely on limiting portions so I don't get too far off track while they're here. Also, sipping my water while they were snacking on chips tonight was rough... but I can deal with it since they're only here for a few days.

Here's how today broke down:

- Bowl of cereal with blueberries
- Fruit bowl
- Orange juice
- Coffee (X2)

- Beef chili
- Whole wheat roll (X2)
- Milk
- Coffee

- Beef taco
- Slice of chicken pizza

Evening Snack:
- Water

- 1.5 mile walk/jog (6 minutes of jogging)


  1. It's hard to stay on track when company is in town. Hang in there- it will be worth it!! I promise! :)

  2. Do the best you can and keep your hope and your positivity up!

  3. Stay positive and don;t let slip-ups get you down,

  4. It is hard to stay on track like TJ said, but you can do it. Others may not like it but you are doing it for you and you are setting a good example for others!
    You can do it!
    Don't for get your exercise too!

  5. Hang in there, William. Stay strong this weekend!