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Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 7 weigh in.... meh

Well, after last weeks unexpected loss, I had a very small loss this week. My weigh in was 289.6, which is a loss of 0.4 pounds. My thoughts are that last week I was dehydrated as I was fighting a cold, which resulted in a big loss on the scale. This week I no longer have a cold, so I am well hydrated, which adds some weight back on. So I guess I should be happy that I still had a loss, even though I'm am more hydrated than last week. Here's hoping for a good week this week because next weekend is going to be a gong show (big plans on Friday & Saturday).


  1. I constantly alternated between solid and spectacular weeks on the scale while I was losing, even though my effort and eating was pretty consistent. I think sometimes the body just puts up a little more fight now to give up it's hard-earned fat. Keep at it and you'll get there...

  2. all of those looses add up- I am proof! lol

    :) Heres to a GREAT week!